Master Generator

by Kösmonaut

  • Limited Edition Cassette
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Limited edition of 50 cassettes released by A Giant Fern of Portugal.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Master Generator via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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  • Limited Edition CD With 3" Mini-CD
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    "Our first release of the summer is from Colorado based Kösmonaut (Patrick R. Pärk ) is entitled “Master Generator”…This is one of our most serious and heartfelt releases yet, as it is both a love song to the artist’s 9 year old daughter, Sevigny and a big “fuck you” to the Leukemia that she is bravely battling at the moment. This is some serious “industrial ambiance” here folks…please give it a listen, and help visualize the cancer cells dying!!

    Firstly…all profit from this release will go to the Creston J. Walker Foundation, which is the local Children With Cancer support group that initially helped Patrick and his family.

    TRS064 will only be available in a limited edition, uniquely hand made version of 100 copies! This is our first release that will come mailed directly to your door rather than in a box or a padded envelope. Each of the appropriately and intensely themed beauties comes packaged in a large, sewn x-ray envelope. As though it were a package sent from the hospital itself, each comes with pockets holding the factory pressed disc in a chemotherapy bag, an additional 3″ mini CDr of five, “Songs For Healing” in it’s own windowed envelope, a tiny pill envelope containing a broken and heart stamped child shaped tongue depressor, a vintage x-ray, various hand printed explanatory inserts with attached microscopic slide blow ups, all of this hand stamped and modified with the usual over-the-top hand made care that TRS always puts into it’s packaging for the beautiful music that we release.

    Important!! To open this package use a sharp blade or a small sharp pair of scissors and gently cut through the three, white surgical taped sides, while NOT cutting through the sewn left side! It will then fold open and all shall be revealed!" - Time Released Sound

    Includes unlimited streaming of Master Generator via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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All material recorded between February - March, 2016.

Part one of Kösmonaut's "Cancer Tapes."

This album was released on special limited edition CD (100 copies) by Time Released Sound and by A Giant Fern on 50 limited edition cassettes. The CD release had a different track list and order than the cassette.

Partial (from Kösmonaut and full from TRS) proceeds from Master Generator and Songs for Healing will be donated to the Creston J. Walker Foundation.

This release is dedicated to my daughter, Sevigny Aislin Pärk, who was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in late 2015. She's currently undergoing treatment and hosts her own blog:

Both Master Generator and Songs for Healing are deeply personal sonic journeys into the human psyche as it struggles to find love in a seemingly empty universe. These are my attempts at dealing with the bullshit of cancer, hope you enjoy.

"An intensely odd album, this release by American artist Kösmonaut put out on Leeds-based label A Giant Fern is a sort of dense psychedelic noise paired with handfuls of tribal music tropes and rhythms. While the project began life aiming for something resembling the Berlin school of cosmic synth music, it’s now turned into a mix of Vibracathedral Orchestra’s ritualism, the industrial drum circles of Muslimgauze, and the textured noise in Ben Frost’s discography. Case in point, the 12-minute ‘Leukocyte’ opens with a wash of Tangerine Dream keys before a grinding tambura takes over and gradually devotional hand percussion creeps its way in and cycles onward as the unwieldy noises grow ever more chaotic. The next track ‘Chemotherapy’ summons distant chants recorded at low enough fidelity to become near enough to white noise when layered over each other, and dismantled at the last minute into a vibrating then collapsing house of cards; an evil shadowing of 10cc’s transcendent I’m Not In Love. The tape continues as such, mixing Middle-Eastern grooves with torturous noise and atonal sampling, all to surprisingly cosmic effect." - The Quietus, UK, 2016.

"On winter islands, in a still forest of pines, a lone warrior parts motionless molecules with an incredibly sharp sword. Percussion and strings echo through the consciousness as frozen air is cleaved in a rhythmic well practiced dance. The picture fades as the land is bombarded with the static of time. Ride the iron train of drone and enjoy the sounds more than the sights. The ethereal whistle blows for so long as the rumble of motion vibrates through the mind. Somehow hollow and completely dense simultaneously.

Amazingly the Kösmonaut release Master Generator is finely deft in the art of mutation. By the time track four "Waiting Room" ends, a new cycle of sound starts with "Lumbar Puncture". Finding home in a middle eastern tone and timber and covering the sound field with a smokey obscurity. Back to an almost frightening ferry through ambient haze, notes chiming like broken shutters in the wind.

The sky radiates again, not with sunlight but sustained glow from meteors burning up in the atmosphere. All darkness as the sounds diminish. One flame ignites as the world drone begins again. The last track, the title track, "Master Generator" frays the lines once more and spirals away into ethnic ambient bliss.

Available on cassette from A Giant Fern. This was released in the summer in an edition of fifty. Kösmonaut is Patrick R. Pärk, and this release is dedicated to his daughter Sevigny. Patrick has used his talent and skills to Heal Through Music. You can read more here. An excellent release for A Giant Fern, falling right in to the label's core of sounds." - Lost In A Sea of Sound, 2016.


released June 27, 2016



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Patrick R. Pärk / Kösmonaut / Life Education Denver, Colorado

21st century electronics for the 7th century Shaman.

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